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What are Panzer Aces ?

Panzer Aces colors are shades especially selected by the editors of the Panzer Aces magazine. The Editors of this magazine specialize in WWII weaponry and uniforms, and considered these colors essential for the correct painting of WWII uniforms and certain camouflage patterns of the Waffen-SS in World War II.

What is the difference between Model Color?

They have the same chemical formula as Model Color, i.e. the viscosity, opacity and other chemical properties are the same, but the colors are different: based on historical research carried out by the editors of the Panzer Aces publications, they are a very true match to the originals.

There are also Model Color Panzer Aces Set ?

These 16 colors were chosen by the Panzer Aces editors for some additional camouflage patterns, but since they already existed in the Model Color line, they were only given a special label. You will also find these colors in the complete Model Color series, but the set indicates how to use them in the camouflage patterns of Panzer Aces.

Where does the Panzer Aces magazine come from?

The magazine "Panzer Aces" is made in Madrid by Accion Press SA Madrid and is available at various stores