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Model Air

Model Air has been especially formulated for airbrushing. The product is very liquid, all pigments used are safe for dispersal in the air, and the color can be applied directly from the bottle.

Keep your airbrush clean !!

Cleaning the airbrush is very important for good results

It is important to keep the needle and nozzle between injection cycles clean - even if you work with the same color to the paint to dry anything that can affect the final result. To avoid this it is best needle and nozzle for spraying turn as light tapping with some airbrush thinner

When finally cleaning the airbrush when you're ready, it is important to clean the needle. Well To do this you get the needle out of the airbrush and roll you meet him on a piece of paper, in some cases ther will be a lot more paint on the needle than expected !

Thinner and the Model Air

Model Air can be applied without using thinners, but even so, we find that almost everyone has the habit of thinning the product no matter the size of the needle

The airbrush specialists claim that dilution is not necessary, but it can still be used up to a ratio of 01:03. The Vallejo Airbrush Thinner does not is adversely affect the coverage of Model Air colors. It also slows down the need for cleaning the airbrush.

Drying Retarder

Some airbrush specialists use a few drops of this product or distilled water to improve the flow, but this may also affect the quality of the sprayed paint and is a question of practice and technique. The Airbrush Thinner is the most commonly used auxiliary product.

Which pressure when using Model Air

Recommended PSI is one of about 20-25 (1.38 to 1.66 bar) or 0.5-1 kg.

The pressure of the airbrush with Model Air

Recommended PSI is one of about 20-25 (1.38 to 1.66 bar) or 0.5-1 kg.

Metal surfaces

Model Air is working on metal surfaces, but when painting metal is especially important to use an appropriate primer as a base layer


Paint dries faster in an airbrush by the air flow through the nozzle. And if you have to stop, as the nozzle tip should be cleaned. Spray first some Airbrush Cleaner by the airbrush for your resumes, and spray on a piece of paper until no paint comes out.

Cleaning with alcohol

Alcohol will work, but we still recommend the Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner, which besides alcohol also contains other substances besides cleaning, also lubricate the airbrush mechanism and protect.

Pour the cleaner directly into the cup of the airbrush and compressor increase the pressure to 1-1.5kgs. Keep spray on paper until mixture comes out clean.

Glass cleaner & wiper fluid

Do not use glass cleaner or wiper fluid through your paint

These liquids include soap and other materials that are not inproves the adhesion of the paint to the surfaces

Of course you can airbrush with glass cleaner or wiper fluid :-)

Also you can airbrush overnight leave in cheap shaving foam and rinse


Do not use benzene for airbrushing, this is not only unhealthy but also dangerous in connection with explosion hazard