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Thinner Medium and Airbrush Thinner

There are different types of thinner: Thinner Medium for ordinary paint and Airbrush thinner for paint for the airbrush

The Thinner media, is intended for use with a brush for Game Color, Model Color Panzer Aces and

The Airbrush Thinner is intended for use in an airbrush, and thus for Model Air

The Airbrusthinner contains components that can be sprayed safely but also when it is applied with a brush can damage the underlying paint. The movement of the brush causes friction which, in combination with the Airbrush Thinner may be damaged the coating already applied

Thinner Medium: 70 524 and 73 524
Airbrush Thinner: 71 061, 71 161, 71 261 and 71 361

Pigments and Thinner

The pigments of Vallejo are not micronized and will hardly dissolve in thinner. The pigments in the Vallejo paint are micronized. By not properly resolve pigments you can not create a Wash

Turpentine and White Spirit

Turpentine and white spirit is exactly the same . White spirit is the English name . The confusion arises because we know turpentine in Dutch. Turpentine is extracted from resin of pine trees , hence the pine scent . Turpentine is under the influence of oxygen, resin -like products that remain in the paint after evaporation . This patience to stickiness of the dried paint film . Nowadays there is resin -free turpentine , but the use has health risks . Do not use so . Turpentine is a petroleum distillate , like benzene and petroleum . It evaporates completely and leaves no trace . The pungent smell of turpentine is unpleasant . Hence, there OMS is on the market . However, there is no difference between the two products.

Dry acrylic or oil does not dissolve in turpentine . If you have any problems that are caused by incomplete cure . Oil from hard by polymerization under the influence of oxygen. This process can take depending on the pigment in your paint shorter or longer . In most of the paint is linseed oil as a binder , that hard really nice. Some paint is linseed oil instead of a semi-drying oil such as safflower oil because it works fast drying pigment . Titanium is an example . The term halfdrogend says it all . This oil does take much longer to harden . Until that time, the paint solvent sensitive .

The pigment in oil should be well enclosed on all sides by oil, be different pigment and oil and loose particles on your surface. This happens eg when using washes with lots of turpentine are diluted . There remains, then not enough enclosure with oil in order to hold the pigment on the carrier. And in the next layer , you take back pigment . If you layer absorbent pull the oil in that layer , and then there is also insufficient adhesion of the pigment. Painters add dilute medium to thin layers , which is a solution of cyclohexanonhars in turpentine . The resin then ensures sufficient adhesion of the pigment. Glazing is the application of a transparent paint. Here you add fat to medium , there is an amount of oil that provides continuous enclosure of the pigment dilution . Downside for us is that the food is very shiny coats . Using acrylic paint , you have a lot less problems . Acrylic resin is far more elastic than oil and thus also ensures a strong solution for a good adhesion of the pigment.

If you use varnish before you defend you actually know what the basis of that varnish . There are reversible and irreversible varnishes . The first type remains soluble in white spirit. For you that stuff you have to actually know where you work , you can use pre- judge whether that will supply problems. All sorts of things that people in their model lubricate you really do not know exactly what is in it because the manufacturer keeps it secret . There are a variety of auxiliary agents in paint , for example, to make them more liquid or, as in acrylic anti-foaming agents. Windshield washer fluid contains besides many other resources are also soap. What remains of it in the back of your coat , and what is the impact on your next layer or even cure your paint ?

The less frills , the less chance of problems . Therefore prefer to use products which are intended to be used . With your acrylic or oil In the past painters have all kinds of experiments with their paint with sometimes disastrous consequences . The Last Supper by Davinci or paintings with bitumen in the dark paint is a good example . Learned by bitter experience that we do less nowadays.

Bouwmarkt thinner

Gebruik geen thinner van de bouwmarkt !

Niet elke thinner is hetzelfde, de goedkope thinners uit de bouwmarkt zijn wel goedkoop maar je weet niet de concentratie is en wat er precies inzit.

Het kan ook de rubber ringen van de airbrush aantasten