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FAQ Mediums

A medium

Mediums are never used as a varnish, they are not suitable for this purpose. The mediums are intended to be mixed with dye or pigment, or to change the qualities of these products in order to dilute them, or in order to increase productivity without the loss of adhesion. Transparency, or gloss

So go through the medium of paint, varnishes later over it!

There are various mediums;

- Gloss Medium
- Matt Medium
- Glanze Medium
- Drying Retarder
- Crackle Medium
- Chipping Medium
- Metalic Medium
- Thinner Medium

Varnish can be used as a medium, but medium not as a varnish !

Drying Retarder

Vallejo Drying Retarder (597) slows the drying of the paint, but should be used sparingly ozeker no more than 5% of the total volume.

Thinner (524) will also be drying to a certain extent slow down.

Both of these products will not alter the elemental composition of the colors.

Addition of (preferably distilled) water will lengthen the drying, but this will seriously weaken the quality of the paint.

Crackle Medium

Crackle Medium can be used to peeling paint on models depict or make. Peeling or cracked earth colors on buildings in dioramas It is applied between two layers of water-based acrylic paint. .

Chipping Medium

The Chipping Medium is specially formulated to flakes and peeling paint to very specific areas of the model, places where complete control is required.

This while Crackle Medium mainly is used in dioramas, making cracked and peeling paint on destroyed buildings and the effect of dry and cracked earth in the desert-like landscapes.

Metalic Medium

By Metallic Medium you get better metallic shine.

Glaze Medium

By mixing Glaze Medium with paint color will not dry so fast, it is more transparent, and more will flow into the folds of the figure, layering and mixing and color transition is made easier.

The proportions of the mixture depends on the desired effect, but should not exceed 50%!