Precision Ice and Snow

Precision in model building

Precision Ice & Snow is the number 1 worldwide in the field of snow, ice and water effects for model building and dioramas.

Why Krycell Precision Ice & Snow?

Krycell snow powder is made from crystal particles. These bind or stick together like real snowflakes and build like real snow. Certainly in combination with crystal clear adhesives, resins and adhesives you will get snow-white snow on your model or diorama.

Krycell snow powders resist water and moisture. They will not yellow or discolor as they age and they will not react with other materials.

Krycell snow powders are suitable for a wide range of scales and sizes from 1: 220 to 1: 4.

All you have to do is change the method you use to stick the snow powder. This affects the scale display. Krycell snow powders can be mixed with a variety of different resins and adhesives to achieve different ice and snow effects. Krycell snow powders can also be secured with many different adhesives and adhesives.

The choice of which materials you can use is only limited by your imagination.