Clubs in Nederland


Twenot (Second Dutch Organization of Tank Hobbyists) exists since July 1, 1976 and is a continuation of the ENOT, the First Dutch Organization tank hobbyists. It is an association of people with a hobby tanks and other military vehicles, in the broadest sense of the word.



In 1971 the IPMS Netherlands founded in the Netherlands and is one of the largest model associations in the country. The association IPMS Netherlands is a national association and is entirely supported by volunteers and operates a non-profit or any commercial interest.


Scale Model Factory

Scale Model Factory began as a group only AFV builders and diorama builders, but has definitely past that stage. In this club are now several types of plastic modelers, and even paper paper modeling present. There is also a growing group of figure painters among the members.


Nederlands Modelbouwmagazine

Het is geen modelbouwclub maar het Nederlandse Modelbouwmagazine is een van de weinige Modelbouw Magazines die in Nederland gemaakt wordt, en daarom hier vermeld.

Dax Magic heeft geen enkele zakelijke verbinding met of belang bij het Magazine