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Vallejo 'Inspiring Experience'

A message from Spain;

At the beginning of 2020, Acrylicos Vallejo decided to change course in the company's strategy, which is starting to see the light today.

Since Amadeo Vallejo founded the company in 1965 in New Jersey before returning to Spain, its main activity has always been the production of acrylic paints; from the late 1960s for animation studios, the first acrylics for fine art were produced in the 1970s, until the early 1990s reached the first ranges for modeling.

In 2022, Vallejo takes another turn to consolidate itself as the global benchmark for water-based acrylics. And he wants to achieve this by improving the formulation of his paint and forging new emotional bonds with the end customer.

“Getting rid of our old identity was a step that cost us a lot, but according to the result, we should have taken it much sooner. We are no longer a black and white brand, we are a melting pot of colors… our reason for being.” Alexander Vallejo, CEO of Vallejo.

Vallejo is one of the few brands that makes its own acrylic paint, in fact, it has been doing so for over 50 years. This makes it a unique source of experience and insight into customer needs. In another sense, Vallejo has traditionally been a brand that has been and is very present in the creative processes of many artists and modellers, often a "facilitator" of their inspiration. For this reason, the new brand positioning is included in the slogan: “Inspiring Experience”.

The axis that articulates the brand strategy stems from the main values: know-how , proximity , experience and quality . Strangely enough, Vallejo is seen as a close-knit company, but this is mainly due to the extensive distribution network. For this reason, the main challenge that the company takes on is to be close ... real, that is, to build relationships with its users that go beyond what is purely commercial.

Visually, it should be noted that the logo is now based on two colours, the traditional black (associated with quality and experience) and the green-blue Lake Blue (which appeals to know-how and innovation). When the focus is on the logo, a personalized typography can be seen, taking into account the imperfections and idiosyncrasies of a family business that has made it a world reference. Although the most relevant aspect of the new visual identity is that Vallejo now has a symbol. The previous brand had a complex composition due to its square shape. This meant that the spaces were not being used properly and had readability issues in the digital world.

Since the brand area is the inspiration, the symbol was sought to be a container of it. The fact that Vallejo is one of the few paint brands that produces its own paint was a special feature that had to be part of the new brand. One of the fundamental tools of any paint manufacturer is the funnel (that cone-shaped container into which the paint is deposited before bottling). Who else but Vallejo can have a symbol inspired by their own funnel?... a symbol that is a container full of creativity and inspiration.

In addition, the symbol is an abstraction of the gesture that a hand makes to fill a brush with paint. The very concept of “container” is also present in the graphic universe (look&feel) and in brand architecture. Although the parent brand is built with a Lake Blue symbol, it is dyed throughout the product lines in the traditional colors of each range.

The new strategy will be gradually implemented in Vallejo over the coming months and will affect all areas of the business: innovation, manufacturing, distribution, finance and communications. In short, it will be necessary changes to keep Vallejo afloat as the color of its consumers' creativity.

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In 1969 Vallejo started in Spain in making paint. First, only paint specifically for animated films, and later, since 1990, also with paint specifically for hobby and model, the "Acrylicos Valejo", Vallejo acrylic paint.

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